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Peter Steigerwald

Real Name
Peter P. Steigerwald
Place of Birth
United States of America
First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Peter Steigerwald is unknown.

Professional History

Peter Steigerwald is the current co-owner of Aspen MLT, and he also does a lot of colouring and cover art for the company. He has also shown that he is capable of writing, editing, pencilling and inking, and also has worked on many Aspen series as part of the production team, with Mark Roslan. He is the former Vice President of Publishing at Aspen MLT.

He frequently works alongside Joe Benitez and did a lot of colouring for Michael Turner, and continues to colour many of Michael's work, often using them as variant covers.


  • When working on non-Aspen work, Peter will often sign his name with the Aspen logo.


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